Teddy Murray

Full Stack Developer & Cybersecurity Hacker

RideKid.com                                             September 2019 – December 2019

Lead Full Stack Engineer

  • Skills Required: HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript6 (Javascript), WebRTC (Real-Time-Communication), Voice Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Google Maps API, Google Directions API, NodeJS, Push Notifications, PostgreSQL, Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Setup and secured Ubuntu 18.04 Cloud Server with NodeJS ForeverJS server that watches for file changes and when changes are made the server is reloaded. All connected clients refresh their page to reflect new changes.
  • Used google maps with marker icons to show rideshare drivers and passengers for pickup.
  • Used google directions to show the shortest route to pickup and drop off points. Show traffic flow to see which roads have congested traffic.
  • Connected drivers with passengers using video calling with peer to peer connection without a central server.
  • Voice command hands free driving. Simply say “Ridekid next ride” and the driver can pick up a new passenger without picking up their phone. Ridekid call client calls passenger or Ridekid call driver calls your most recent driver, if you left an item in the car for instance
  • Integrated Stripe payment to pay drivers on immediately to their debit card up to 30 minutes
  • Cheaper than ubers 40% marketplace fee. 15% marketplace fee.
  • Color light security that matches ridekid driver with passenger by flashing three matching colors that shows without a doubt you are getting in the right car.
  • Cross platform one source code can be run on all types of operating systems and devices
  • Websockets to move drivers in real time
  • Calculate cost of trip by the miles driven.
  • Display turn by turn directions without using voice to tell driver respecting Google’s terms of service for Maps.
  • Emergency voip number that gives gps coordinates, address, and voice feed of both devices sent to 911 dispatch if a client because violent or threatening.
  • Coordinated with graphic designers to create multiple user experiences
  • Created phone call scripts for sales associates to sell use licenses

Firemesh (Open Source)                                                                                September 2019 – October 2019

  • Makes a peer to peer content delivery system so your connected users download all images, stylesheets, templates, video, and audio from each other instead of the central server and saves the company a significant bandwidth costs.
  • Uses md5 checksum to prevent users from introducing malicious XSS attacks into the network
  • Setup peerjs server for STUN ICE and client ID for passing the datachannel between users with minimal overhead
  • Dynamic pages not supported or database request. Static data only.

TalkGods.com/home.html (recode from scratch)                                 February 2019 – June 2019

Lead Full Stack Engineer

  • Skills Required: HTML5,  CSS3, Javascript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Twilio
  •  Created a timeline functionality similar to facebook that updates all connected clients and friends
  • Monetized hashtags by giving ownership to members and every ad pays royalties to the unique original owner
  • Create a chat box functionality with peer-to-peer text peer-to-peer video chat and VOIP phone numbers that attach to actual landlines, call forwarding through the browser similar to Google Voice through the Twilio service and WebRTC

TalkGods.com                                                     February 2019 – June 2019

Lead Full Stack Engineer

  • Skills Required: HTML5, WebRTC, NodeJS, ReactJS, PostgreSQL
  • Created hierarchy of components for input elements, template section, video conferencing technology, and websockets.
  • Live chat using peer to peer
  • Created Full stack javascript framework that is RESTful and somewhat MVC
  • Database is one generic class that has several methods for creating, reading, updating, and deleting from the corresponding table. Four SQL statements using variables.
  • Setup Linux Ubuntu 16.04 cloud server using digitalocean, and hardened security 
  • Push Notifications from database to client
  • RESTful so our users can create their own clients relying on our server
  • Embeddable to other sites with their own users table
  • User Experience design

                                                                August 2010 – June 2019


President, Lead Full Stack Engineer

  • Skills Required: HTML5, WebRTC, PHP7, MySQL, jQuery
  • WorkFar Contractors
  • Managed 4 intern developers, 2 paid marketing consultants and 1 paid full stack developer.
  • Research for sales page to convert the most amount of users.
  • Designed database using normalization techniques.
  • Created user system and job posting system 
  • Worked with artist to develop the brand image.
  • Created mailing scripts to notify employers and contractors when jobs were applied to.
  • Created video conferencing in the browser that is peer-to-peer so zero bandwidth for the server. Live language transcription and translation so a worker in india can hear hindi and read english while video calling with an employer in the united states. Using webrtc, html5 voice recognition,and google translate api.
  • Video invoicing in the browser. Every 10 minutes a video of the workers screenshare is sent to the server and bills 1/6th of the users hourly rate while the employer has a video proving their work and can be disputed within the platform.
  • RESTful api so anyone can develop a client using our server. https://workfar.com/view/documentation/index.html JSON sent to client which is a single page application that manipulates the DOM 
  • Creating monetary system that works only within the app called diamonds, gold, and silver with incentives to use the app for a duration of time and complete objects for a reward that game be used to hire workers.

Wells Fargo / Advantage Technical Resourcing                                                        June 2012 – August 2012

Application Systems Engineer, Level 5

  • Skills Required: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP5, Oracle, Kohana, ExtJS, MVC Framework, Linux
  • Fixed 3 bugs or new features a day for my first month.
  • Worked with a team of 8 engineers to create database management tools for our DBAs
  • Gathered requirements from DBAs and remote php staff
  • Collaborated with staff on creating solutions not accessible in current user experience
  • Level C security clearance
  • Mostly classified.

HacktiveLife                                                                             August 2010 – August 2011

Website Developer

  • Skills required: PHP, MySQL, JQuery 
  • Designed database using normalization techniques
  • Created web-based game engine using OOP techniques
  • Coordinated with the project manager for game mechanics
  • Integrated PayPal to accept payments for game items
  • Created admin panel for managing game content and users


Household Genie                                                                                     July 2010 – August 2010

Website Developer

  • Skills Required: PHP / MySQL, JQuery, PayPal IPN
  • Designed system for people who work from home to maintain their lifestyle
  • Modified databases to accept data from multiple telemarketing vendors. CSV to SQL format
  • Built tutorial system for teaching home business owners about finances and budgeting
  • JQueried all content for shorter load times
  • Created e-mail notification system for daily reminders
  • PayPal IPN Integration


Team Genius                                                                             April 2010 – June 2010

Project Manager

  • Skills Required: Java
  • Managed team of 3 developers to develop casino games
  • Laid out plans for texas hold ‘em applications
  • Researched graphics libraries such as LWJGL, and JMonkeyEngine
  • Created abstract classes for casino games


Periscopefilm.org                                                     March 2010 – May 2010

E-Commerce Specialist

  • Skills Required: PHP/ MySQL, PayPal IPN, Authorize.NET
  • Integrated Authorize.net and Paypal payment gateways
  • Installed joomla and added demo videos for products
  • Integrated virtuemart payment system
  • Assisted in entering products into the system, data entry.
  • Security testing such as MySQL inject, XSS, and logic fallacies.


Financial Advisor Website Design                                                                       July 2008 – June 2009

Website Developer

  • Skills Required: PHP / MySQL
  • Setup & Customized WordPress websites for financial advisors
  • Corresponded about content and image changes on their websites
  • Integrated PayPal gateways for financial advisors to receive payment from their clients
  • Briefly worked with marketing on branding and image for our company website to generate sales

Funding Resource Network                                                                              August 2010 – September 2010

SEO Specialist

  • Skills Required: Marketing
  • Created Social Network sites for products and services. Specifically Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo Answers
  • Maintained web presence through blogging and answering users questions about products and services
  • Posted YouTube videos via screen capture software displaying products and services
  • Advertised all content and built up keyword hits

UpWork                                                                 May 2008 – November 2012

Freelance Developer

  • Skills Required: PHP / MySQL
  • Lead designer and developer managing three web developers doing web development jobs
  • Established SEO and web presence for clients
  • Created custom proprietary WordPress plug-ins for clients.
  • Created custom themes for WordPress. 
  • Setup Mailing scripts


Hope’s Umbrella                                                                                                    March 2008 – April 2009

Project Manager

  • Skills Required: PHP / MySQL, AJAX
  • Designed & Created a customizable homepage with Google gadgets 
  • Filed business applications with the secretary of state, Nevada
  • Worked with designers to create 50+ customizable layouts in the home paging system
  • Contacted charities and donated money made from Google Adsense

HackThisSite.org                                                     January 2007 – September 2009

Temporary Project Manager

  • Skills Required: PHP / MySQL, AJAX
  • Held IRC meetings with key developers and outlined bug fixes and a total system recode
  • Fixed over 100 bugs in the old system through our bug reporting system
  • Designed and created a new CMS for the site based on PHP / MySQL and Ajax
  • Security testing

Send a Card Service                                                                             October 2006 – December 2006

Lead Developer

  • Skills Required: Database Design, PHP / MySQL 
  • Created a system where people could go online to send real cards to their loved ones 
  • Integrated Paypal IPN so when orders were completed the cards could ship immediately
  • Developed an admin panel to check when cards needed to be sent
  • Created email notifications for the site admin to update him when cards needed to be sen

Anim8or.org                                                                               March 2005 – October 2007

Site Admin & Lead Moderator

  • Skills Required: PHP/MySQL
  • Managed all forums and galleries
  • Created contests for artists to win
  • Placed Google AdSense on the site to generate revenue
  • Held community meetings in IRC
  • Installed a new CMS for the users. 

Ardent Games                                           August 2004 – May 2006

Project Manager

  • Skills Required: Visual Basic, C++, PHP/MySQL, and Java
  • Designed and developed game engines
  • Worked with artists to develop mini games through our game engine Arid Canvas
  • Maintained websites and forums for the games and engines (Gratified Pendulums, Arid Canvas)
  • Created recruitment posts for finding help with our games

Beaufort County School District                                                   March 2004 – October 2007

Computer Technician, Internship

  • Skills Required: Computer Repair
  • Made hardware replacements such as Network Cards, Hard Drives, CD Drives, Power Supplies, RAM, Motherboards, CPU, and Monitors.
  • Assisted teachers with login and printer issues
  • Created VBScripts to automatically run necessary startup routines such as virus scans, and spyware scans
  • Imaged machines through a Novell imaging suite that was popular at the time. 
  • Worked in a hybrid network with both NetWare and Windows Server 2003


ASVAB – 93 Percentile

Georgia Southern University: Bachelors of Science – Computer Science, In Progress

Engineering Abilities

HTML5, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Websockets,WebRTC, Speech Recognition, Voice Synthesis, Google Maps API,  jQuery, AngularJS, Node.JS, ReactJS, jQuery UI, ExtJs, Java, PHP7, MVC, MySQL,Oracle, Postgresql, C/C++, Eclipse, Aptana, Komodo Edit, Microsoft Visual Studio, Notepad++, Sublime Text 2, WordPress, Kohana Framework, phpBB2, PHP-Fusion, OpenGL, DirectX, Linux, Docker, Ubuntu, Windows, Agile, IRC, Apache, LAMP, WAMP, Full Stack Javascript, Cisco Routers and Switches, Android, Win32 API, .NET, SEO, Marketing, Brand Development, Database Design, Networking, TCP/IP, UDP, Winsock 2.0, Berkeley Sockets, Cybersecurity, Algorithms, Big O Notation, 120+ WPM

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